Tical Shipping Improves Delivery And Lowers Trucking Costs

There are three advantages to ground delivery by truck: First, trucking can reach any land destination point. Secondly, freight shipments can be as much as 10,000 pounds, depending on the type of truck equipment used. Last but not least, truck freight is an affordable delivery method with high on-time predictability.

Many shippers pay too much because they work directly with truck carriers.

The truth is, carriers prefer to work with freight forwarders/broker companies. They know we will have all the paperwork in order. And they know we have enough business to keep their trucks full. So truck carriers will give us better rates than they will give directly to the shipper.

But the reasons for working with Tical Shipping go deeper than price. Trucking is a complex industry, which many options depending on the type of freight being shipped. Often, intermodal transportation is involved, with connections to seaports or airports or railway lines. And you may need warehousing or partial deliveries to different destinations.

As your logistics experts, Tical Shipping can manage sophisticated intermodal shipments end-to-end. When you trust your shipment to us, you get hassle-free delivery at the best price.

Tical Is Driven To Meet Your Shipping Needs… Anywhere In North America

We move freight throughout the U.S. and Canada. And we do whatever it takes to not only get your business, but keep it. That means we do more than quote you a competitive rate. We follow though with the reliable personal service and expertise made possible by two decades in the freight shipping industry.

  • We can help you with our domestic freight service anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada
  • We provide both long haul and regional trucking service
  • We can offer you a reliable intermodal service coordinated between ocean, air, or rail
  • We can act as your full-service shipping department at a lower cost than hiring and running your own in-house shipping department
  • We have a network of carriers and can help you get a great rates on your transportation service
  • Learn how we can get you the best rate possible on both full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) service.
  • We provide freight consolidation and de-consolidation, and can expedite LTL deliveries
  • We provide hot shot delivery at almost any time of day or night with a 2-man team
  • We ship LTL, FTL, dry and refrigerated for fresh or frozen products
  • We ship oversize, overweight, and flatbed truck loads

Tical Shipping  Knows The Rules of the Road for All Kinds of Truck Freight

Tical Shipping provides trucking services throughout North America for both LTL and FTL loads. We consistently provide reliable and fast long haul and regional trucking transportation services. Through our relationships with multiple carriers, we offer extremely competitive rates. We can coordinate shipments with your manufacturing schedules and delivery to warehousing. We do all the legwork, saving you time and money.

 The Right Equipment For Any FTL or LTL Shipment

We have partners with a wide variety of carriers to provide on-time, cost-effective full truckload shipping for all types of cargo. No  matter what type of cargo you have, we can make sure it is shipped with the right types of truck, such as:

  • Temperature controlled reefer trucks for the delivery of fresh or frozen products and temperature-sensitive freight… including liquids, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and nursery plants. We also make sure your sensitive cargo is handled with care from the moment it is picked up until it is delivered
  • Flatbeds, enclosed trailers, and double drop trailers for shipping vehicles and oversized machinery including cranes… including step deck, drop deck, or regular flatbed configurations
  • Dry vans for the transport of packaged freight with no special requirements
  • Specialized stretch trailers that can handle oversized truck freight

In A Hurry? We Can Truck Any Shipment Quickly

We have rate contracts in place with leading trucking firms throughout North America. We have available warehouse space. We have connections at major seaports, airports, and rail lines.

If you need fast service, Tical handles expedited services that include guaranteed delivery. If others tell you it can’t be done, it’s time to talk to us.