Tical Shipping Is Your Import-Export Partner In The U.S.A. and Overseas

The import-export business requires navigating a complex maze of regulations, freight compliance issues, packing requirements, and more. We act as your logistics partner by provide complete support for your import-export operations. We are reliable freight forwarders with an extensive knowledge of ocean, air, and ground transport both in domestically and internationally. We provide customs brokerage services through a global network of partners. And we offer an end-to-end solutions that relieves you of worrying about technicalities of importing and exporting goods.

Tical Helps You Import Goods Into The U.S.A. Quickly And Cost-Effectively

If you are sourcing goods overseas, you face extensive government regulations, customs requirements and documentation requirements, and security regulations. Tical Shipping can handle all of these issues with ease so that your cargo is compliant, avoiding delays and penalties. We also know the latest fair trade agreements that can provide an advantage to your business and how to make use of them.

  • Coordination with shipment arrival at port-of-entry
  • Trucking to all points in North America including trans-border services
  • Shipping options include seamless door-to-door delivery

Tical Shipping works with a global network of customs brokerage partners to ensure fast, reliable import and export of goods.

Tical Helps You Export Goods From The U.S.A To Overseas Markets

If you are an exporter, you need to comply with both U.S. and overseas import-export regulations, practices, and procedures. Exporters not only need to follow U.S. law, they need to follow procedures  to ensure a successful shipment and tax procedures that can provide financial advantages and open new markets.  All items exported from the U.S. require a license, which may vary depending on the category of product being exported. We can help you determine if you need a general license or an individually validated license prior to shipping arrangements. If you are exporting to Latin America, certain federal programs may apply that will help you increase your exports. Further, any country you export to and any international boundaries you cross will entail their own set of rules and regulations.

  • End-to-end solutions including management of government and customs regulations, documentation, and security requirements
  • Consular legalization, arrangements for letters of credit, other-country required documentation

Tical Provides The Shipment Options You Need For On-Time Cargo Delivery

While navigating through complex regulations and customs requirements is one part of the import-export process, the right shipping options are the other half of the equations. As a freight forwarder, Tical Shipping has contracts with multiple ocean and air carriers worldwide. We can also have multiple contracts with trucking firms and railways in North America.

  • Warehousing including secured, bonded, and climate-controlled facilities
  • Freight de-consolidation and re-packing for partial distributions and distributions to multiple locations
  • Ocean freight and air freight worldwide with roll-on roll-off service