In A Bind? Tical Shipping Handles Time-Sensitive Cargo

If you need to get a shipment to its destination quickly, you need to call Tical Shipping. We provide express freight shipping for both large and small freight to destinations around the world.

  • We can pickup and delivery cargo according to strict deadlines
  • We can combine direct trucking services with air freight services
  • We provide direct trucking services throughout North America, including flatbeds, refrigerated, teams, and air ride transport
  • We coordinate with truck carriers to ensure drivers are available to pick up and deliver shipments within very narrow windows

We Specialize In Expedited Freight Services

We ships all kinds of freight worldwide by air, including heavy and oversized cargo. We can arrange for overnight and even same-day delivery of your shipment. There are many advantages to air freight service:

  • We can arrange for overnight and even same-day delivery of your air cargo. Our location in Miami, Florida provides access to daily and weekly scheduled flights via Miami International Airport.
  • Air freight is ideal for sensitive cargo because the ride is much smoother.
  • A smoother ride by air freight also means less packing materials are required, which saves on costs.
  • We can initiate guaranteed and time-specific shipments; ask us how it works
  • We ship with door-to-door delivery by air around the globe
  • We provide same-day, weekend delivery and Monday to Friday service to and from most of the U.S. and Canada
  • We can provide secured storage for your freight along with packing or unpacking services
  • We handle trade show and expo shipping to any location in the U.S., with scheduled pickups and specific day deliveries

We Handle Expedited Air Shipments Daily

Air freight is the fastest, most secure way to get your shipment delivered on time. If you are based in Miami, we can ship for same-day delivery to most destinations from Miami International Airport.

We can also ship from any location near a major airport. If you need pickup, we can handle that too.

Some items cannot be moved by air freight: magnets, paint, speakers, and others. We can provide you with a complete list when you call. If your cargo is prohibited from air transport, we will work to find alternative solutions. If your freight is oversized, we can usually accommodate it.