Relocating internationally can be a stressful experience. The last thing you need to worry about is shipping your personal goods. Tical Shipping can handle the entire process for you, including packing, loading, shipping, and even delivery to your new address. We ship seamlessly between Miami and Latin America, Central America, and Mexico. We also work with contacts in Europe and the U.K

Packing And Pickup Services For International Moves

Packing for an international move requires specialized expertise. Tical Shipping can handle wrapping and packing of your personal goods, including:

  • China and glassware
  • Artwork
  • Antique furniture
  • Oversized objects like pianos

We pre-wrap delicate items and place goods into cartons or wooden crates for protection. We can then pick up your goods for packing into a cargo container.

Less-Than-Full Container Shipments of Household Goods

Most international moving companies require you ship a minimum of 2,000 pounds or a full container by volume. Shipping rates are then calculated by weight or by cubic feet. Generally speaking, you will need to fill a 20-foot or 40-foot container. A mover will give you a professional estimate based upon a visual survey of your furniture and housewares. However, as a broad rule of thumb, furnishings from a 1200 sq. ft. home will fill a 20-foot container. A three-bedroom home with a family room and dining room will fill a 40-foot container.

Shipping is not cheap and many people prefer to ship only their most valuable or irreplaceable items. The problem is that partial loads are generally not handled by most international moving companies. As a freight forwarder, Tical Shipping can handle small shipments by consolidating your goods with other cargo in a container going to your destination. This will save you money without delaying your shipment significantly. Because we are a leading freight forwarder located in a major port city, we are able to combine shipments quickly and efficiently.

Shipping Household Goods by Air, Ocean, and Land

Ocean freight takes longer than air freight but is more budget-friendly. Air freight is ideal for delicate cargo. And trucking is using for overland door-to-door delivery. Most international movers will provide a single solution for your move. Tical Shipping may combine shipping methods to achieve better results. For example, we may ship very valuable artwork by air and ship the remainder of your possessions by ocean. We would then coordinate door-to-door delivery to your new residence.

  • We provide shipping quotes based on actual rates, not guesswork
  • We provide tracking of your shipment
  • We include origin port fees and origin terminal handling charges in your quote for full transparency
  • Unlike most freight forwarders, we try to display destination port fees in quotes rather than hide them
  • Shipping lines have the right to pass along unforeseen costs, such as port strikes or hurricanes, to the end customer (you)… generally, this will be no more than 10% of your shipping costs

Customs Clearance and Export Documentation

You are considered the “shipper” or “exporter” (and the “importer” bringing goods into the country). You have ultimate responsibility for supplying the correct paperwork and for meeting the laws of the countries you are exporting from/into. This is why it is important to work with a freight forwarder (such as Tical Shipping) that specializes in export documentation and customs clearance. Most international movers will sub this work out, adding to the overall cost of your move.

Tical Shipping provides a single solution with both freight shipping and export documentation, so your personal goods are not held up by customs delays.

In the U.S., a freight forwarder must be licensed. The Federal Maritime Commission distinguishes between a freight forwarder and a non-vehicle operating common carrier (NVOCC), however for most end-users the distinction is not important. For shipments originating in the U.S., it is best to work with a freight forwarder as your authorized agent. Why? A freight forwarder understands both shipping and documentation, enabling you to have a one-source solution to your moving needs. Tical Shipping has agents and affiliates worldwide, so no matter where you are moving we have contacts on the ground to assist with your move.

Warehousing Your Household Goods Temporarily

Your move may call for storing some or all of your household goods temporarily. Rest assured that we can build this into your logistics solution. If your goods have been consolidated with other cargo, they may be unloaded and stored in a warehouse upon arrival at the destination port. If you want to save money, you can get a price “from warehouse” – but never accept a price quoted “from port” because all items at a port are already loaded and sealer in containers.

  • How warehousing is handled varies from country to country
  • The destination warehouses (customs bonded warehouse) is where goods are held until they clear customs
  • The destination agent handles the customs clearance process, dealing with the port, and end delivery
  • We work with hundreds of destination agents around the world

Insurance Coverage For Your Household Items

We recommend that all clients obtain cargo insurance. As a matter of convenience, we can provide insurance coverage that covers any loss or damage from any external cause.

  • Ships have the right to jettison cargo if it might cause the ship to sink in a storm
  • Ships can delay your cargo if it is pre-empted by a military or government shipment
  • Ships can reroute cargo if a port is closed due to a strike, war, or other disaster
  • Ships are never responsible for any damages to cargo or for costs related to late arrival
  • Ships must be paid before they will release cargo