Definition of a Freight Forwarder

What is a Freight Forwarder Agent?

A freight forwarder is a person or company that organizes freight shipments for all individuals or corporations in order to ship the goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution.

A freight forwarder specializes in arranging storage and shipping of merchandise on behalf of its customers.

What does a Freight Forwader Agent Do?

They provide a full range of services including: tracking inland transportation, preparation of shipping and export documents, warehousing, booking cargo space, negotiating freight charges, cargo insurance, etc.

Freight forwarders usually ship under their own bills of ladings or air waybills and their agents or associates at the destination provide proof of delivery and freight collection services.

Freight forwarders provide the shipping and logistics services that import and export businesses need, such as planning, tracking and delivering.

The services of a freight forwarder is to act as an intermediary between the client who is hiring them and various transportation services that are involved in getting the product to the final destination to the customer.

Depending on the final destination and the nature of the items shipped, there may be many transportation companies involved in the movement of the items from the supplier to the customer. The freight forwarder may have to deal with many export and import issues that could be involved in the transportation of the goods.

Why Should I Hire a Freight Forwarder to Ship My Products?

* A freight forwarder service can save you plenty of time and potential headaches in handling complicated documentation while providing reliable expertise in handling transportation of products at competitive rates.

* A freight forwarder is an asset to almost any company dealing with international transportation of products, and is especially very helpful when in-house resources are not experienced in international shipping procedures.

* The freight forwarder is hired to get the product to the customer by a specific date and in an undamaged state.

* The freight forwarder will provide  insurance services as per the client request  to make sure that if the items do arrive damaged, they will be reimbursed and not liable for the damages.

* Companies looking to export items can use freight forwarders to not only save time and effort but to ensure that the goods arrive at the customer’s site on time and without incident.

* A freight forwarder can provide the exporter with all the necessary documentation as well as liaise with the transportation companies required to get the merchandise to the customer.

Given the years of experience of a reliable Freight Forwarder and their constant attention to details in the field of transportation, it may be a good investment.

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